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Dr. Tejvinder Monga

International School Director - USA, India, and Japan 

(MIETE. E-RYT500)  

Dr. Tejvinder has been practicing and studying Yoga for more than 28 years and studied with the Sivananda Yoga tradition in New Delhi, Rishikesh and in Uttarkashi in the Himalayas. He brings the authentic teachings of Yoga practiced in India for thousands of years. He has been awarded the President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam Bharat Ratna Gold Medal award and also the Bharitiya Udyog Ratan award for National Development from GEPRA. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Jawaharlal University Delhi and has a Postgraduate specialization in Communication and Electronics. He was inducted as a Member of the Institute of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers of India. Dr. Tej has served on the Yoga Alliance Committee for best practices of yoga schools.

About the course

Program Outline : The Master Level 1 program will meet Online once a month for practice under the guidance of Dr.Tej Monga. 


Program Duration : The total duration of the Master Level 1 program is 1000 hours of contact and non contact hours in a period of 24 months.  


Mentorship : The students will have the opportunity to discuss the progress

made during the month, and ask questions regarding their own personal practice.


Home assignment ( Practice of 1.25 hours per day)

Spiritual Diary

Dream Journal

Likhita Japa 

Personal practice  given by the teacher (Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Yoga Nidra) 


Course Duration : January 2021 to December 2022

Dates & Time - all Saturdays 8:30 pm to 12.30 ( EST) 



January 23

February 06

March 06

April 03

May 08

June 05

July 03

August 07

September 04

October 02

November 06

December 04 



January 15

February 05

March 05 

April 02

May 14

June  04

July 02

August 06

September 03

October 01

November 06  

December 04  


Required text books

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali ( commentary by Swami Satchitananda)

Lalita Sahasranama ( binder provided by Namah Shivaya)

Om Note book 

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