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Become a Yoga Teacher

Namah Shivaya Yoga

Teacher Training Overview

2023 Teacher Training

18 Jan to March 01 Fast Track - Delhi & Online

Pay for 200 TT ( Indian Nationals)

200 Hr TT ( Foreign Nationals)

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Learn from the instructors who have deep roots in India with rich international experience. The perspective is completely holistic, physical, mental, and spiritual.



You will experience a life changing transformation which will bring harmony to your relationships, more productivity at work, and spiritual perspective on life.


1200+ Graduates


1100 plus students have graduated our program, and are now serving the community by spreading the light of Yoga practice.

Om Namah Shivaya 

Namah Shivaya Yoga Teacher Training is 10th Year Anniversary this year. It started from India to Dallas USA, Mexico, and Japan, spreading the teachings of Yoga across the world.

Teacher Training of Namah Shivaya had been designed by Yoga Acharya Tej who has 25 years of yoga experience. 

It has a basis on ancient yoga scriptures and teachings of Gurus, which is the light to be passed down. 


Participants will experience essence of yoga in the body, mind, and the soul which bring awareness in the different perspectives of life. By nurturing the spiritual eyes within, life will be more balanced and purposeful.

This is a gift for your own soul - receiving the true wisdom and knowledge, and each individual has a unique experience with the transformation that they go through in this teacher training program. 


Creating the opportunity to know your Self physically, and mentally is going to be a tremendous step in life. The door is open to all - all you have to do is to step inside and reach the highest goal of the life!



Systematic Curriculum

     Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training


Holistic  study of 200 hour & 300 hour in total 500 hour training

200 Hour

  • Foundation of Teacher Training is based on Hatha Yoga in detail, also the science and philosophy of ancient yoga practices. This is for both the students who want to become yoga teachers or simply want to deepen their own practice of yoga. It is for all levels of practitioners, beginner to intermediate. On completion you will receive Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certificate of training. 

300 Hour

  • It is a unique program of Namah Shivaya. You will learn more advanced variations postures and advanced pranayama. You will gain more experience of teaching asana practices including variations. Program offers in-depth study of Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras which are the foundational texts of Yoga practice. You will also learn Chakra Yoga Meditation and introduction to advanced Mantras. This is perfect for the students who have completed the 200 hour course and wish to take the practice to the next level. You will receive Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Certiicate of training.



Emphasis on principles of correct alignment


We analyze 19 postures from all perspectives ; background, the core point, and physical movement, skeletal and muscular movement, breath and energetic flow of the postures. Also we understand the benefits of postures.  Modification using props for those who have limitation in the body will be a great help in teaching different type students. Lastly technique of how to lead and adjust students toward correct posture is most important aspect of conducting yoga class. 

In addition to learning each posture, we discuss how to build safe and benefitical class. Breathing and Bandha techniques are also applied for Asana.

200 Hour

  • Vinyasa & Hatha Poses : Downward facing dog / Cobra / Triangle / Revolved Triangle / Warrior I, II / Chair / Side Angle / Widestand Forward bend / Tree / Eagle / Stick / Sitting Forward bend / Twist / Bow / Headstand / Shoulderstand / Fish / Corpose pose

300 Hour

  • Advanced postures and variations

  • Concept of Restorative Yoga






Revealing ancient wisdom of yoga

Philosophy & Anatomy, Physiology

We might think physical exercises are the most important, but the depth of yoga behind is revealed scientifically to reach out for a new understanding. Essence from Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Tantra practice will be introduced.

200 Hour

  • Gunas / 8 limbed path / Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga / Samskara / Kosha / Nadi / Stages and Goals of Life / Mantra / Yoga Nidra

  • Anatomy & Physiology : Skeletal & Muscular System, Chakra


300 Hour

  • Bhagavad Gita / Yoga Sutra / Sanskrit / Chakra Yoga / Bhoomika / Nada Yoga / 5 states of Mind / Klesha / Theory of Meditation / Transition to Vegetarianism 

  • Anatomy & Physiology  : Hormone, Cardiovascular & Nervous System


 Practical Training

Learning the correct technique of teaching yoga class

Practical Training

Understanding comes not only from listening to the lectures, but also practicing ourselves. Teaching practice starts from the beginning, so that by the time of graduation, you will be confident enough to teach. Also within this program of 5 weeks, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra are continuously practiced to experience the inner transformation.

200 Hour

  • Practice of Hatha Yoga, Practice of teaching Hatha Yoga


300 Hour

  • Practice of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga

  • Practice of teaching Yin Yoga


Discussion and Work

Unite Yoga with your daily life

Discussion & Work

Discussions and reports are helpful for applying yogic technique to a daily life. Answer is always within and we take time for you to see and find the inner truth.


Support Community


International network of students 

Support Community

Namah Shivaya graduates are active in the world. Through teacher training, workshops, retreat or any step-up program, you will keep learning and connected. Graduated students will have opportunity to teach with assessment, and will be assisted for opening yoga studio.

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