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We invite experts and specialists in different fields to give lectures that will teach us Yoga both On & Off the mat.Purusharta - the goals of life are to be balanced in Dharma (duty), Aretha (success), Kama (enjoyment), and Moksha (liberation). Mind opening and healing experience will take place whenever you allow yourself to be. . . 

  • 10- Feb         “Inner Leadership ~ Balance of Yin & Yang” Human Resource Specialist Dr. Sunita Chugh ▼ (Finished)

  • 2- Mar          “Ikebana & Yoga Path ~ Flexible Mind” Ms. Malhotra Yasuko, Blue Lotus ▼ (Finished)

  • 6 - Jul         "Find inner Happiness ~ NLP" Transformational Coach, NLP Official Trainer Ms. Kumiko Matsuki ▼ (Finished)

  • 15- Sep        “Yoga Anatomy” Nurse, Yoga Instructor Ms. Tomomi Sakurai ▼ Find details

  • 28- Sep      “Magic of Affirmation” LouisHay Authorized Counselor Superna Chopra ▼ Find details


                Magic of Affirmation ~ 28 September 

Affirmation is “Positive Statement”. What words do you use for yourself? We easily say negative words or deny ourselves, and limit our abundant potentials.


In Yoga, we learn to have positive mind. Affirmation is the modern method to it. Just like mantras, repeating the positive statement for yourself, it will become true! It will be a wonderful learning to transform negative into positive, and cultivate the future of your own self!



28 September,  Friday 1:30 - 3:00pm

@Namah Shivaya Yoga Defence Colony

“Magic of Affirmation ” LouisHay Authorized Counselor Superna Chopra

Please call/send a message : / 9999344138

with your name, contact, email address


               YOGA Anatomy ~ 15 September 

Skeletal & Muscular System learning by Yoga teacher cum Nurse working in Japan. Anatomy sounds very difficult but she breaks into simple piece and extract what needs to know in Yoga practitioners and teachers. This is designed for yoga students (beginner and experienced students), yoga instructors, and those who are interested in becoming teacher also.

Location : Namah Shivaya Yoga - Defence Colony, New Delhi

Please call/send a message : / 9999344138

with your name, contact, email address

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