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Om Namah Shivaya


Welcome to the Yoga Class !

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Gurgaon Center a78 Sushant Lok1 A

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Defence colony - DElhi

All Levels NS Yoga

 It is a complete practice of Hatha to move the whole body with natural and dynamic sequence. Whether you have been practicing for years or relatively new to the practice, this class offers cardio and strength training. You will improve allinment and flexibility, yet get the balance that yoga brings your practice.  *NS = Namah Shivaya

Yin Yoga

This is slow-paced yoga were poses are held for longer periods of time, typically five minutes or longer per pose. Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues allowing for more flexibility in the joints.


This intro to Meditation class is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali guided by Yoga Acharya Tej. The Meditation class will include discussion on each of the Yoga Sutras and breath work (pranayama).

This lays the foundation of a successful meditation practice, including breath work, concentration, and deep relaxtion. Classes will vary in meditation styles allowing all participants, including beginners, to learn a variety of tools to establish a practice. An introduction to hand mudras (gestures), chakras (energy centers) and mantras (energetic statements) will be explained and introduced should you choose to practice them.

This class is suitable for complete beginners and even the advanced meditators will get a lot of benefit by the illuminative discussions on Yoga Sutras. Dress comfortably. 

Class Description

Class participation fee

*Monthly Unlimited 3500 INR is not applicable for Mysore Class and other courses

Namah Shivaya Yoga

*Meditation/Yoga Nidra Courses can be taken one to one with the teacher. Please consult dates.

*Contribution to Meditation Class will be entirely used for funding education of underprivileged children.


* Wear comfortable clothes 

* Meal should be taken 2 hours before. 

* Yoga mats are available for first time comers.

* If you are coming for the first time, please come 10-15mins before, so you have enough time for registration.

* Enjoy the experience!

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